Specialized solutions for Energy including manufacturing and installation of fuel handling transport and storage to water and toxic gas monitoring systems.

SWAS – Steam and Water Analyzer System (Energy)

SWAS – Steam and Water Analyzer System

Wet Rack System

Wet Rack System

Clean Energy

PEM Fuel Cell — Clean Energy

With cutting edge fuel cell technology we provide both new and retrofit possibilities to convert cargo and passenger marine assets to use clean and renewable energy.

We provide long-term endurance for underwater unmanned platforms through fuel cell system integration.

Defence— Manufacturing

Manufacturing and Integration

Manufacturing and fabrication of Components, Equipments, Integration of Various Assemblies, Sub Assemblies to meet Stringent Nuclear and Clean energy standards.

Defence Support Services

Support Services​

Installation and Commissioning of On- Board, Mobile and Land Based clean energy applications.

Defence Strategic Projects

Strategic Projects​

Retrofitting, New Builds in the clean energy propulsion arena for locomotive and marine based assets.