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Certificate of Non-Applicability of Corporate Governance – June 2023
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Certificate under Regulation 74(5) – June 2023
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Reconciliation of Share Capital Audit report for quarter ended June 2023
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CFF SDD Compliance Certificate June 2023
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Intimatation of Trading Closure Window
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Prior Intimation for Financial Result 31.03.2023
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Intimation of Book Closure for 11th Annual General Meeting

Investor Complaints

General information about company
Class Of Security Equity
NSE Symbol
Name of the listed entity CFF FLUID CONTROL LIMITED
BSE Scrip Code 543920
MSEI Symbol
Is SCORE ID Available ? Yes
SCORE Registration ID COMC00680
Reason For No SCORE ID
Quarter Ending 30-06-2023
Remarks (In case of any exception)



Investor Grievance Details
No. of investor complaints pending at the beginning of Quarter 0
No. of investor complaints received during the Quarter 4
No. of investor complaints disposed off during the Quarter 1
No. of investor complaints those remaining unresolved at the end of the Quarter 3